50 years of BFF

4 anniversary exhibitions – August 8-18, 2019

The BFF – The Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators stands for photography and image composition of the highest quality. Well-known honorary members such as F. C. Gundlach, Sarah Moon, Peter Lindbergh and Olivia Toscani have shaped the association in the last 50 years since its foundation in 1969 by Walter E. Lautenbacher and added to its reputation. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the BFF organizes four remarkable exhibitions in its founding city Stuttgart (June 6-22), which will also be shown in Berlin (August 8-18) and Hamburg (September 20-29). In addition, lectures by professional photographers, symposia with various experts and guided exhibition tours with renowned photographers will complement the program.




The group exhibition shows 50 to 70 works by the best-known BFF members and honorary members (Hans Hansen, Walter Schels, Thomas Hoepker, Andreas Feininger and many others).


"Your Signature - that remains"

This presentation bundles the photographic works of 100 BFF members and provides an excellent overview of the diversity of content and the homogeneous quality of the works created in the BFF series.

Images for which there is no tomorrow, no today and no yesterday – images that stay.


"Thomas Billhardt" + "Volker Hinz"

The photographers created unique and unforgettable images of the 20th century: while Billhardt stands for the representation of the GDR and its socialist brother countries, Hinz is regarded as a documentarist of the FRG and the West.

Thomas Billhardt and Volker Hinz are appointed honorary members of the BFF at the official birthday party on 6 June 2019, are admitted to the BFF Hall of Fame and honoured with individual exhibitions.


OPENING: August 8th, 6:00 PM | free entry


** Under the auspices of Prof. Monika Grütters MP, Minister of State for Culture and Media **



picture credits:


F.C. Gundlach Op Art Fashion Model Sinz Swimwear Brigitte Bauer, Athens 1966 © F.C. Gundlach / Stiftung F.C. Gundlach - exhibition "Icons"


Walter Schels Dobermann, 1990 © Walter Schels - exhibition "Icons"


Jacques Schumacher The Chicken Baron, 1997 © Jacques Schumacher - exhibition "Icons"


Florian W. Müller My heart will go on, 2017 © Florian W. Müller - Members' exhibition “Your Signature – that remains”


Hans-Jürgen Burkhard Soviet Elite Guard "Kantemirov" rehearses the ABC War, 1989 © Hans-Jürgen Burkhard - Member exhibition “Your Signature – that remains”


Dieter Blum Low Clearence, 1992 © Dieter Blum - Member exhibition “Your Signature – that remains”


Alex Schwander Boris Becker, 2009 © Alex Schwander - Members exhibition “Your Signature – that remains”


Jürgen Steck China – that remains, 2018 © Jürgen Steck - Member exhibition “Your Signature – that remains”


Thomas Billhardt Vietnam, 1968 © Thomas Billhardt/Camera Work - exhibition “Thomas Billhardt”


Thomas Billhardt Rolling Stones at the Waldbühne West-Berlin, 1965 © Thomas Billhardt/Camera Work - exhibition “Thomas Billhardt”


Thomas Billhardt Parking, Berlin 1987 © Thomas Billhardt/Camera Work - exhibition “Thomas Billhardt”


Volker Hinz Chuck Close, New York 2013 © Volker Hinz - exhibition “Volker Hinz”


Volker Hinz Lady with Dollar Bill © Volker Hinz - exhibition “Volker Hinz”


Volker Hinz Woody Allen, 1994 © Volker Hinz - exhibition “Volker Hinz”




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